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Aluminium Heat Sink

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An extruded aluminum heatsink is an aluminum cooling device produced using an extrusion manufacturing process. The process involves pushing or pulling a block of aluminum through a mold to create a specific shape or profile. The aluminum is then cut to the desired length and machined to create fins, holes or other features that enhance its cooling properties. Golden Jash extruded aluminum heatsinks are widely used in various applications, including electronic devices, LED lighting, and power electronics, to dissipate heat efficiently.

Golden Jash is one of the leading aluminum extrusion heat sink manufacturers in China, we have thousands of standard molds available and offer custom designed aluminum extrusion heatsink profiles in a variety of finishes to choose from. When custom aluminium heat sink, our engineers cut, drill or machine them to your specifications.

Basic Info: 

1. Material: aluminium alloy 6060, 6063, 6005, 6061, 6463, 6082, etc.

2. The maximum width of profiles section: 450mm

3. The maximum length of extrusion profiles: 12 meters

4. Capacity: 50,000 tons per year with 12 extrusion lines from 600 to 3600 tons.

5. Surface finishes available:

(1). Anodizing, including brushing, machanical and chemical polishing, sand-blasting, matt anodized, alkali anodized, etc. 

Anodized colors: Silver, champagne, bronze, black, gold, rose gold, shiny, etc.

(2). Power coating with different colors, such as white, black, red, blue, grey, yellow, etc.

(3). Wood finish.

6. Aluminium machining available:

(1). Cutting/sawing, including 45 degree cutting with high precision;

(2). Milling, tapping and drilling with high strict tolerances;

(3). Punching;

(4). Deburring.

(5). Assembling and fabrications.

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