• Designing & Manufacturing

    Designing & Manufacturing

    GJ Aluminium can develop optimal profiles of different cross-sections and machining for different products.

  • Flexibility & Versatility

    Flexibility & Versatility

    GJ Aluminium offers the services including extrusion, surface finishing, mechanical machining, assembly, fabrications, etc.

  • Good Quality Control

    Good Quality Control

    The internal quality assurance system guarantees that only flawless products are sent to the next processing step.

  • Different Kinds of Packagings

    Different Kinds of Packagings

    *Strong and stable packagings
    *Easy to removed packagings
    *Economical packagings

Golden Jash Aluminium Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010, Golden Jash Aluminium Co., Ltd. specializes in custom-made and high quality aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium machining. After 9 years development, Golden Jash Aluminium currently has 3 manufacturing plants in Foshan city and Anhui province of China, covering 50,000 square meters areas.

With a wide range aluminium profiles, high precision quality, and reasonable prices, the products of Golden Jash Aluminium are recognized and trusted by the customers from all over the world.

Golden Jash helps the customers to design their products and also manufacture the aluminium products according to the customers' drawings and specifications. From the customers' drawings, we will design and manufacture the moulds/dies for the custom aluminium profiles. Basing on the high quality moulds/dies, the aluminium profiles are extruded well and supplied to customers with different kinds of finishes, such as anodized, powder coating, coloring, etc.

Golden Jash Aluminium Co., Ltd.

Regarding for extrusions, we can provide it as below to all the customers:

*Extrusion pressure: 600 tons to 3600 tons, 12 extrusion presses
*Maximum Extrusion Profile Diameter: 450 mm
*Maximum Extrusion Length: 12 meters
*Tolerances: Aluminium Industry Standard, Precision Aluminium
*Aluminium Alloys: 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, 6463, 6082, etc.
*Aluminium Association Tempers: T5, T6
*Aluminium Extrusion Products: Custom Aluminium Profiles, Aluminium Structural Shapes, etc.
*Standard & Custom Finishes: Anodized, Powder coating, Polishing, Sand-Blasting, Brushing, etc.

Besides, we also provide the services of aluminium machining as below to all the customers:

*Drilling & CNC Milling
*Assembly and Fabrications
*Anodized after Machining
*Painting after Machining

Golden Jash is always professional to manufacture and supply the products according to the customers' specifications and requirements. Our producs are widely applied in the following, but not limited, applications:

*Industrial Architecture
*Doors and Windows
*Curtain Walls
*Sign and Billboard
*Display and showcase
*Lighting Industry, Heat sinks
*Consumer goods
*Construction materials
*OEM manufactures
*Structural components
*Conveyor Systems
*Solar Panel

Welcome to inquire and to crate your own designs of aluminum products.

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