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  • Aluminium T-slot Profiles
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  • Aluminium T-slot Profiles

Aluminium T-slot Profile

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Product Details

About Aluminium T-slot Profile

Aluminium T-slot Profile is an essential type of structural aluminum extrusion renowned for their remarkable adaptability in diverse framing tasks. 

Golden Jash's industrial aluminum extrusion series includes a prominent category: the aluminum T-slot track. 

Renowned for its ease of assembly using standard tools and fasteners, this T-slot track eliminates the need for welding during construction.

What makes Golden Jash's aluminum T-slot channel even more impressive is its ability to facilitate the construction of virtually any conceivable project. 

Its versatility empowers users to bring to life a wide array of designs and structures without limitations.

Over the years, Golden Jash has expanded its range of slotted aluminum extrusion products significantly, catering extensively to the diverse needs of our customers.

Customization services are a key offering at Golden Jash. 

Our team of experienced engineers stands ready to assist you in designing your unique aluminum T-slot channel framing system and bringing it to fruition.

Our extruded aluminum T-slot channels or tracks come in a wide array of finishes, offering versatility to suit various preferences. 

These finishes include options like mill finish, clear anodized aluminum (including 2-step electrolytic anodizing), powder coating, PVDF painting, and even a wood grain finish.

Additionally, we provide aluminum extrusion fabrication services for eligible inquiries, ensuring that specific project requirements are met with precision and excellence.

Specification of Aluminium T-slot Profiles

1. Material: aluminium alloy 6060, 6063, 6005, 6061, 6463, 6082, etc.

2. The maximum width of profiles section: 450mm

3. The maximum length of extrusion profiles: 12 meters

4. Capacity: 50,000 tons per year with 12 extrusion lines from 600 to 3600 tons.

5. Surface finishes available:

(1). Anodizing, including brushing, machanical and chemical polishing, sand-blasting, matt anodized, alkali anodized, etc. 

Anodized colors: Silver, champagne, bronze, black, gold, rose gold, shiny, etc.

(2). Power coating with different colors, such as white, black, red, blue, grey, yellow, etc.

(3). Wood finish.

6. Aluminium machining available:

(1). Cutting/sawing, including 45 degree cutting with high precision;

(2). Milling, tapping and drilling with high strict tolerances;

(3). Punching;

(4). Deburring.

(5). Assembling and fabrications.

7. Application: Office, houses, apartments, shopping center, construction building, structural components, etc.

8. OEM manufacturing and custom aluminium profiles.

Packing of our Aluminium T-slot Profile

Our Aluminum T-slot Profiles are carefully packed using a combination of protective materials such as pearl cotton, shrink film, and sturdy cartons to ensure safe transportation and handling.

The T-slot Aluminum Profile Advantage

T-slot aluminum profiles offer several advantages due to their versatile design and ease of use in various applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

Flexibility: These profiles feature T-shaped slots along their lengths, allowing for easy attachment of other components like nuts, bolts, and connectors. This versatility enables the creation of custom structures without requiring complex machining or welding.

Modularity: The standardized T-slot design enables easy assembly and disassembly of structures. It allows for quick modifications or expansions without needing specialized tools or skills.

Strength and Durability: Despite their lightweight nature, T-slot aluminum profiles are durable and offer excellent strength. They can withstand significant loads, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across industries.

Customization: These profiles come in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing for customization based on specific project requirements. Accessories like brackets, panels, and doors can be easily incorporated into the system.

Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment might be higher than some alternatives, the flexibility, reusability, and ease of modification contribute to long-term cost savings.

Clean Aesthetics: The sleek and modern appearance of T-slot aluminum profiles makes them suitable for various applications, including machine frames, workstations, displays, and more.

Compatibility: T-slot profiles are often designed to be compatible with other systems, allowing for integration with existing equipment or components.

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